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Here you will find information about the different services of AWS that Sudofy can offer. This is a complete guideline that can help you to choose the right set of services to fulfill your needs.


Speed Up Your Insights

Planning for an AWS audit?

While other providers rely heavily on unqualified staff and generalist resources, Sudofy retains its deep subject matter expertise in AWS.

Extensive AWS audit service.


Certified AWS specialists with comprehensive audit services for companies in need

Afraid of being audited by AWS


We can help you to guarantee the safety of your data and detect professional issues on the AWS.

Monitoring Bills Can Be Immense

Cost-effective solutions With AWS Consulting Partner


Our expertise in implementing cost saving strategies and re-design of your cloud environment will help you stay within budget by uncovering hidden spend, manual errors and over allocated budgets that are most common cause of huge over expenditure.



One Stop solution for vast amounts of data

While other providers rely heavily on unqualified staff and generalist resources, Sudofy retains its deep subject matter expertise in AWS.

Data Lake is secure


We have an elegant, flexible and secure way for unlocking the value of enterprise data.

AWS Data Lake Analytics


Data Lake lets you store, process, and analyze that data quickly and on an as-needed basis.


security audit for your AWS environment

The audit identifies security best practices that could be followed to enhance the security posture of your AWS environment and ensure compliance with both internal and external standards and regulations.


AWS Performance Needs Constant Monitoring

Our experienced experts ensure that your business processes are not only in line with current auditing standards but also keep up with latest changes in technology, best practices and compliance needs.

By Selecting Sudofy

Leverage the cloud to supercharge your startup

Startups like yours can scale better, faster and cheaper on AWS. Let us help you architect a solution that will be available when you need it, powered by the largest cloud infrastructure in the world.

Scale your startup with us


We can help you scale your startup the right way from day one.


Tired of Server Issues?

Serverless is the new way! Want to know how?


The days of managing servers are over. AWS Serverless is the next generation of cloud computing and eliminates the complexity, cost, and effort of having to configure and operate your own servers. With AWS Serverless, you can get back to what matters most-building your software. And support per second billed by second based on 100% utilization so you only pay for what you use.


Business Goals need attention

Are you prepared for any type of disaster?

Your application can fail anytime on its own. You are responsible to make sure that your application is always available, 24 ×7×365.

24x7 help desk support


We can restore your system in less than 24 hours from the time of restoration request

Need to get back online?


Our Disaster Recovery service can help. When a major business disaster strikes

Want To Deliver Better?

We also provide analytics services

Data Analytics services are the next frontier in business intelligence. Our team has the skills to harness insights from your customer data and turn them into actionable recommendations in real-time. Our Data Analytics services includes product analystics , data drive , IoT analytics and much more.


Product Analytics

Data-Driven Optimization


IOT Analytics


Client Says

Our dynamic expert team will help you acquire more flexibility than traditionally available with our service.


"I was thrilled to work with a company that's at the forefront of what they do. They're constantly improving their services, striving for improvement and excellence. They're not satisfied until their customers are happy."

Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder, INK

rating stars

"They have provided us with the best possible insights from our data. Their team was highly skilled and very professional in their work. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a data analytics solutions provider."

David M Nabti


rating stars

"I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and they know how to manage and present data at scale. We trusted them blindly for all of our Data need the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective out there."

Saud Al Othaibi

CEO, Regional Solar Power


Business goals need attention

We Are Your Business Maker

Working hard but not getting the required outcome? Sudofy’s performance optimization and audit service can help you excel. Get expert assistance and professional suggestions with us!