Monitoring Bills Can Be Immense

What if you had a bird's-eye view of your cloud costs?

You certainly don’t want to be spending more money on the cloud than necessary, and we make sure of that. Get started with our cost-audit services and maximize your business value!


How Will Your Organization Aid From A Cloud Cost Audit Service?

Cutting down irrelevant costs can aid your organization to spend in better places and for better purposes. Your cloud cost might be getting out of hand, hence it is necessary to track your spending on the cloud and save as much as you can. A cloud cost audit service ensures that each penny on the cloud is thoroughly analyzed and optimized.

Plus it provides reports that will aid you in reckoning current costs, and pathways for better saving plans.

What Makes Sudofy the Best Cloud Cost Auditing Service?

With a serverless architecture, you get so much time for the development process by skipping the server management part. Sudofy offers a range of benefits that will tempt you into switching to a serverless architecture


Analyze Costs

Analyzing your data may seem like a hefty job but with AWS Cost audit, graphs will help you comprehend your cost data better. Plus you can filter and sort these graphs as per your requirement. Not only the present, but you can also predict future costs with this powerful service.


Reduce Costs

You think that you are spending on a service, while actually, you can optimize the costs and reduce them to 90% on various AWS services like EC2. Sudofy assists you in cost audit and optimization which ensures that every penny you spend is in your knowledge!


Faster Innovation

The cost you save can be invested to explore and experiment with innovative ideas. Cost optimization addresses the fundamental problem of vendors selling on price, which is often negotiable, while AWS charges for its services on a highly visible usage basis.


Manage Costs

AWS Cloud Cost Audit provides proper bills and that too in your required currency. The invoices carry proper estimations of your spending which you can easily manage.Get detailed information about all the resources using in your account  View cost trends reports by resources, tools or time period.


Increased Velocity

The time you save by letting Sudofy handle your situation can be better utilized for upscaling your organization, enhancing your customer service, and speeding up your performance to outshine in the market.We provide a full set of cost audit services to help you identify and eliminate unoptimized AWS spend


Smooth Selection

Selecting your instance type becomes extremely easy with the recommendations you get on AWS. Also, you can adjust your computing according to your business environment.Our powerful analysis will help you understand, save, and take advantage of AWS cost savings.



Sudofy’s Professional & Affordable Team Is Right At Your Service!

The intellectual beings at Sudofy have the right knowledge and tools to implement best practices in terms of cost auditing. With us, it is not only about cost optimization but also about managing resources, cutting down waste, capacity reservation to get discounts, and picking the accurate services according to the computing size. By hiring our team you get all of it at a reasonable cost.


Sudofy’s Achievement

We believe in putting our knowledge to practice and hence, our certified individuals have acquired relevant expertise over the years with thorough experience and practice. Similarly, our Cost Auditing service has become quite well-known. The badges are a validation for you to acknowledge the full-of-achievements journey of Sudofy.



Monthly Evaluation check for better estimate

The detailed cost evaluation on monthly basis by Sudofy delivers modified and simplified reports that are easy to comprehend and give you a direct idea of the issues. The cost checkup and evaluation team here ensures that nothing goes amiss and every penny you pay for is worth it. Our team has expert-level business and data analysts, programmers, managers, and infrastructure architects who professionally work to elevate your business for you.

Know Our Process

Sudofy’s Three-Phase Functional Model

We believe in putting our knowledge to practice and hence, our certified individuals have acquired relevant expertise over the years with thorough experience and practice. Similarly, our Cost Auditing service has become quite well-known. The badges are a validation for you to acknowledge the full-of-achievements journey of Sudofy.




Establishing baselines (Visibility & Allocation)

AWS Cloud Cost discovery workshops


Assessment of potential savings




Optimizing costs and Utilization


Reports , Suggestions and Operations


Optimization analysis and Complete Optimization



Continuous Improvement & Operations


Cloud cost optimization roadmap


Driving operations to the right balance


Unlock Cost-Cutting Options With An Expert AWS Consulting Partner

An expert-level service ensures that you get what you signed up for. You get to open new opportunities that reduce your wasted costs to a great extent. We implement accurate tools that allow easy comprehension of your ongoing costs.
We can help you.


Locate dead resources and eliminate them


Replace inflexible apps with high-performance ones


Adding services that enhance your implementation


Get various services at discounted rates instead of On-demand prices and more.



AWS cost optimization is an Everyday Thing

Working towards cutting down and reducing costs is not a one-time thing. Instead, it goes on as your system will always have some idle and unused points that need cutting off. Sudofy guarantees easy and in-depth monitoring of your system and implementing the best tools and services that work in your favor. So you never need to worry about your money being wasted.


Client Says

Our dynamic expert team will help you acquire more flexibility than traditionally available with our service.


"I was thrilled to work with a company that's at the forefront of what they do. They're constantly improving their services, striving for improvement and excellence. They're not satisfied until their customers are happy."

Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder, INK

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"They have provided us with the best possible insights from our data. Their team was highly skilled and very professional in their work. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a data analytics solutions provider."

David M Nabti


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"I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and they know how to manage and present data at scale. We trusted them blindly for all of our Data need the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective out there."

Saud Al Othaibi

CEO, Regional Solar Power


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