Handling Big Data?

Data Lake is the future

The traditional data systems are no longer eligible to store and manage your data. Hence, it is finally time for you to upgrade to a Data Lake.


Why use a Data Lake?

Your organization is likely to need a Data Lake because it unravels the complete potential of data. The accessibility, flexibility, and agility that it permits make it a necessity. You do not have to work on the data or process it before it enters, which makes things better. What more do you need?


Kickstart your AWS Data Lake Implementation Today

Here at Sudofy, our engineers know that you have a lot more things to look after than just focus on your Data Lake implementation and that is exactly why we are here. With our exceptional team, hiring us for your data lake setup will be the best choice you will ever make.



AWS Data Lake Consultancy done the right way

Sudofy has been flawlessly providing AWS Data Lake Consultancy for over a decade now. Various organizations, whether big or small, have been facilitated with our highlighted Data Lake services, and we want you to transform and emerge out of the data systems as they did. You want that too right? Hire our expert Data Engineering Team at Sudofy and get your data-oriented dreams to come true!


How it works

By adapting to Agile and Kanban methods, we aim to deliver quality builds right on time. Our fundamentally structured process goes as:



Get a Team to build your Data Lake

At Sudofy we provide a dedicated team that sits within your business boundaries and helps you achieve your goals. We have helped several businesses in building their Data Lake setups. So what are you waiting for? Book a meeting with us and get a chance to know how our strategies work best for your Data System.


Sudofy's Achievement

We believe in putting our knowledge to practice and hence, our certified individuals have acquired relevant expertise over the years with thorough experience and practice. Similarly, our Cost Auditing service has become quite well-known. The badges are a validation for you to acknowledge the full-of-achievements journey of Sudofy.


Why Sudofy Is The Best

Build Your AWS Data Lake With Us!

Sudofy facilitates its users very conveniently with AWS services that will boost your organization. Our dynamic team offers services that are extremely safe, reasonable, and extensive. Let’s dive deep into other convenient features that it offers.


More Flexible Solution

Our dynamic expert team will help you acquire more flexibility than traditionally available with our services by your side.


Maximum Risk Reduction

We can help you reduce maximum risk and help you speed up your data system updates so that you can work in a care-free environment.


Maximum Business Value

Our team provides a comprehensive analytical view of your data that can predict most of the outcomes and increase business value.


Fastest Data Lake Setup

At Sudofy we believe that time is money we will build a secure data lake for you within days instead of mon following the same mantras.


Client Says

Our dynamic expert team will help you acquire more flexibility than traditionally available with our service.


"I was thrilled to work with a company that's at the forefront of what they do. They're constantly improving their services, striving for improvement and excellence. They're not satisfied until their customers are happy."

Alexander De Ridder

CO-Founder, INK

rating stars

"The experience working with Sudofy was great! They brought good practices to our project and were engaged and very open in seamless communication. They have knowledge of best practices was really good input"

David M Nabti


rating stars

"Highly skilled team. Maintained professionalism at all times. Responded to queries promptly and accommodated changes when asked. The project was completed as discussed, at exceptional quality."

Saud Al Othaibi

CEO, Regional Solar Power


Business goals need attention

We Are Your Business Maker

By choosing Sudofy, you will be assured that you are acquiring top-notch expertise and we are someone who will complete your job correctly on the first go. So what are you waiting for?