DATA Science

Enhancing Customer Experience With Data Science - 7 Easy Steps

Every business has its prime focus on providing its customers with the most satisfactory experience throughout the buying process. Maintaining your loyal client base becomes...

March 18, 2022

Data Science

What Data Science Looks Like in 2022? - Top Trends

Technologically, the world is growing exponentially at a rapid pace. Every domain of the technology discipline is evolving and advancing quickly. Amidst such...

March 21, 2022

DATA Analytics

Data Analytics VS Business Intelligence - A Comparative View

magine, not long before, if someone were to tell you that you can make big decisions, decisions that would create a huge impact, in a matter of seconds...

January 14, 2018

Data Science

How to Make Better Data-Driven Decisions - Top 10 Tips

There was a time people made decisions based on their 'gut feelings' and 'instincts'. While sometimes it led to a better opportunity, other times it resulted in an...

April 5, 2022


Reflections from a Token Black Friend

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January 14, 2018